Chris Says So

"ALMOST 25 yrs on the run.....yeah sometimes from the cops, but was always on the run from God! Dropped out of school early and started running the streets, spending most of my time in juvenile detention. The next 20 years was mostly spent incarcerated. I have Been to jail over 100 times just as an adult and prison 5 times. I am a two strike convicted felon and my life really looked hopeless. Then Christ found me. I say found me because I sure wasn't looking for Him. I heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. That he died for my sins that I could be free. That all my past could be wiped clean! All my debts to god for the sins I committed could be payed.....if I just believed. What did I have to lose. I'd lost it all.  Never thought in a million years what would happen next would ever happen to me. My whole life got turned upside down. It got turned inside out. my life has never been the same since that day I got on my knees and said YES to Jesus!! All I can say is once I was blind and now I see....once I was I'm found!