"Let the redeemed of the Lord say so, whom he has redeemed from the hand of the enemy." Psalm 107:2


Ryan Chaffins

"Hi, my name is Ryan Chaffins, and I am a co-founder of Lost2Found Clothing Company. My whole life I never really knew who I was, or what my purpose was, so at a young age I began to medicate with drugs and alcohol. My addiction to Marijuana and alcohol started at the age of 15 and very rapidly I was a daily user. I was a full blown alcoholic at the age of 16 and drinking any chance that I had, along with abusing hydrocodone pills whenever I could get them. My drinking quickly led me to using cocaine regularly, along with pills when I could afford them. My whole life revolved around using, and every dollar I earned at my full time job went to drugs and alcohol. At the age of 20 the course of my life would change when I was let go from my job and began to resent everything and everyone around me. I was arrested for Residential Burglary and Assault and spent a year in county jail. I began to look to God for a short time during my incarceration and even would read the occasional bible verse to myself in my cell. It was not enough however, for me to make any real changes in my life and I didn't feel I needed God's help.    

I was released in 2010 and made it about a month before going back to drugs and picking up an addiction to heroin and meth, while jumping from homeless shelter to homeless shelter. My life took another turn for the worse when I was charged with Assault and theft, and sent to prison for 29 months. I was released from Walla Walla State Penitentiary in 2013 and went home to live with my parents. I again relapsed after a couple of months and ended up homeless and wandering the streets while using meth and alcohol. This is where my life took a drastic change and one night in a meth psychosis, God intervened in my life... 

For days I had been up and running from people I believed were after me. My ankles were bleeding through the tops of my shoes. I entered a convenience store at about 3 in the morning, and asked them to call an ambulance because I felt like I was going to die. In the store a man came over to me as he probably noticed I was not doing too well.The first thing I noticed was a cross around his neck and he just repeated "God's got you...God's got you." Over and over again he reminded me.After I sobered up at the Emergency Room I  knew that I was done and I knew that there was no way I was going to stay clean and sober until I turned my life over to God. So I entered a Christ-centered discipleship program for 6 months where I finally gave my life to Jesus. 

Today I live in Spokane, Washington and am married to my beautiful wife and have a Stepson. I work at a treatment center where I get to show addicts like myself that there is a different way of living, and I have a wonderful and loving church family at the Family of Faith Community Church in Spokane.Our goal, and the mission of Lost2Found Clothing Co. is to show others that there is HOPE even in the worst of circumstances, and to display it proudly with the shirts on our back. We are examples of what happens when you let God take the driver's seat and step out of the existence of your old self."

You can contact me by email at rchaffins27@gmail.com

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