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"My whole life I never really knew who I was, or what my purpose was, so at a young age I began to medicate with drugs and alcohol..."  more


"I was raised by a single mother who struggled with alcoholism, although she did the best she could to raise me on her own. I eventually became a very rebellious teenager..."  more


 When I was two years old my dad killed my mom and himself. I lost two people who brought me into this world and because of this I went down the road of destruction. I grew up very confused...  more



"I was homeless for about 5 years. In and out of jail more times than I can count. In abusive relationships. I didn't know where to turn..." more

Pastor Nik

"I had destroyed my life though my own dumb choices. Drugs, Women, Crime, and the list goes on and on. I had lost everything from my children to my sanity." more 


"ALMOST 25 years on the run.....yeah sometimes from the cops, but was always on the run from God!! Dropped out of school early and started running the... more