Growing Faith

Your faith will grow by recalling the mighty work of God in your own life, and will boost your faith by listening to other people’s testimonies. Testimonies make you realize that if God did it for that person He can and will do it for you! Testimonies reproduce themselves in the lives of others when received in faith.  

Unleash Your Burdens

 Testimonies take your focus off of life's challenges and toward God, who is able to solve the challenge. It magnifies God and His abilities, and your faith that God can solve your problem comes alive.  

Cause Action

Your testimonies move God to action. They are a form of praise to God and God inhabits the praises of His people (Psalm 22:3). When you don’t remember the deeds of God in your life you limit Him and hinder Him from manifesting His power in your life.

 (Psalm 78:41-43) 


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